7 Tips on Staying Motivated To Exercise This Winter

It's cold and wet outside, your bed and duvet is yearning for some spooning time. It is a no brainer that bed > the gym. I know, trust me. There are days where there are 74983 reasons to stay in bed and go to the gym. I have been there. However, we are not here to be Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer today. #GetItGirl So, I will be sharing my top 7 tips on staying motivated to exercise this winter!  

Meal Prep 101 - Chicken Mexican Salad Recipe

This 6 ingredients Mexican salad has been a huge favourite of mine as of late - packed with flavours (thanks to the coriander and red onion), super delicious and extremely quick & easy to make. Top it with your favourite protein of choice (I have been having them with poached chicken because it's healthy and takes no effort to cook!) and voila, a complete and balance meal ready to go. 

Inspiration Insider - Yaz from Yogathletics by Fit Fun Fusion

Yaz is the founder of “Yogathletics” method of fitness leveraging on an array of tried and trusted fitness methods and offer a fun way of progressing your fitness in a supportive, natural and functional environment: Fusion of Functional training, Primal Movements, Yoga, Athletics, Isometrics, Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Freestyle and Body Weight training

Sex Is More Than Just Sex

A little intrigued with the brand and products, I had a good chat with Chantelle Otten, the brand ambassador of Smilemakers and a Sexologist from Melbourne. I thought it would be great to have Chantelle share some additional health benefits that sex, covering an area that not many talks about! As the title suggests,there is a lot more into sex than just, well, sex.

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