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7 Tips on Staying Motivated To Exercise This Winter

It's cold and wet outside, your bed and duvet is yearning for some spooning time. It is a no brainer that bed > the gym. I know, trust me. There are days where there are 74983 reasons to stay in bed and go to the gym. I have been there. However, we are not here to be Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer today. #GetItGirl So, I will be sharing my top 7 tips on staying motivated to exercise this winter!  

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6 reasons why you should start resistance band training in 2017

Resistance band training-the unsung hero in the training world! When it comes to the "cool kid in the block" in the training world, we have all heard about HIIT, pylometrics training, boxing classes, weight lifting, yoga, pilates, TRX... but the poor ol' resistance band training hardly get a mention.

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