Sex Is More Than Just Sex

So, one of the brands that really caught my attention during the Priceline Prescription Live Event I attended back in February was SmileMakers. 

From afar, it's pastel set up shouts candles. I sure did get a surprise of my life when I did finally come around to check it out - SmileMakers is actually a range of vibrators or "personal massager" and the fact that you can buy it straight off the shelf in Priceline.

It’s sleek & chic design definitely does not make you feel seedy at all!!

A little intrigued with the brand and products, I had a good chat with Chantelle Otten, the brand ambassador of Smilemakers and a Sexologist from Melbourne. I thought it would be great to have Chantelle share some additional health benefits that sex, covering an area that not many talks about! As the title suggests,

there is a lot more into sex than just, well, sex.



I am Sexologist, I study sexuality, I give sex therapy and educate people in their health, wellbeing and intimacy. I absolutely love what I do, and love working with different kinds of people who communicate with the public.



As we all know, sex makes us feel really good with the release of this wonderful hormone when we have sex. It’s called the ‘cuddle hormone’, or ‘love hormone’ because it releases feel good vibes of closeness and intimacy. Apart from feeling amazing after being intimatea little intimate session (either with another person or on your own), there are a whole lot of other health benefits from getting a little active under the sheets:


1.     Reducing pain

Oxytocin is a multifunctional analgesic. Meaning that it is a natural pain reliever (so yes, sex can be good when you have a headache, cramps or aches and pains, because of the oxytocin rush in the brain). It has anti-inflammatory qualities and is shown to heal wounds faster by playing a key role in ‘angiogenesis’, which means the developments of blood vessels after injury. Wounds actually take longer to heal in people who are going through stressful times or emotional conflict. A study by Janice K. et al (2005) showed that physical wounds of couples who were in had conflict healed 40% slower than those not in conflict.  It is good to get oxytocin when you are in pain, so if you have a headache try and push through with yourself or a partner if you are comfortable!


2.     Regulating sleep

Sleep is induced by Oxytocin release when it counteracts the effects of Cortisol, which is the hormone that produces stress and anxiety. Oxytocin release after orgasm results in a calming effect, making you feel tranquil and assisting our path to sleep.


3.     Helping cardiovascular health

The love hormone protects the cardiovascular system. By dilating the blood vessels and lowering blood pressure, it helps sweep free radicals and inflammation from the arteries. Free radicals and inflammation are the causes of cardiovascular disease, so it’s a good time to get the heart racing and oxytocin in rushing through your system.


4.     Anxiety Reduction release

By releasing Oxytocin, anti-stress effects are produced as the hormone lowers blood pressure and the ‘stress’ hormone Cortisol. This brilliant hormone is shown to also treat post-partum depression (for the mums out there) and has similar advantages to psychotherapy such as feelings of support, warmth and empathy effects. People want these feelings! They are a fundamental part of human nature and commonly people come to see me to understand what is blocking them from participating in sex, or how to make it more fulfilling. Sex is blocked when we feel too stressed, but sexual activity reduces stress. Endeavoring to ease anxiety with intimacy is a nice suggestion!


5.     Aiding digestion

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘you shouldn’t eat after a fight with a loved one’? It is because when we have conflict (or we are strained… for all the busy working people) our levels of oxytocin are reduced, making digestion problematic. In fact, oxytocin receptors are found throughout the gastrointestinal tract and are used to digest food. Low levels of oxytocin are linked with irritable bowel syndrome - so for people on a health journey, it is great to eat well and have oxytocin in our system! May as well get active in the bedroom.

Editor’s note: Definitely did not know about the anti-inflammatory qualities that comes with it! Maybe you can add a side of sheets time with your turmeric latte? ;)



 Of course, this is a great question. It’s all about preparation and making it a comfortable environment. If you do these things this will really prepare you for success. 

1.     Timing: We all have busy lives, so scheduling the space to have intimate time by yourself is so important. That means that your housemates or partner are absent, and that there’s no chance of any interruptions. Pop your phone on ‘do not disturb!’

2.     Preparation of the space: The environment is key. The room has to be clean, without belongings scattered everywhere. The bed and sheets should be prepared, light a candle and have some aromatherapy or other nice smells going on in the room. Adjust the lighting to your preferred exposure. Again, it’s about making it a relaxed environment. 

3.     Be in the emotional zone: Put your stresses aside and feel positive about self-intimacy. This is a very important part of making this an enjoyable experience. Think about past experiences or fantasies that can get you in the mood. I teach my clients mindfulness and how to use it with intimacy, which is extremely beneficial for being ‘in the moment’

4.     Be open to trying new things: Some women may choose to It is a great idea to enhance the experience with high quality products. If you’re using a personal massager, I swear by Smile Makers Collection for their internal and external vibrators. They have the best quality I could find as a professional, and their products are safe to use and paraben free. They also look fun, so they wont be embarrassing or intimidating to use with yourself or your partner. I always recommend lubricant for activity, it enhances the experience and reduces risk of any damage ‘down there’. Smile Makers have great ones that look like skin serum! Their bottles are so luxurious!

Thank you Chantelle for sharing all these health benefits with our readers and how can we improve the overall wellbeing! It is always good to get some scientific facts and knowledge from an expert as this is not an area that many talk about. I hope you guys have some good takeout from today’s post!

This article is in collaboration with Smilemakers.. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make Eat This Burn That blog possible. All images and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.





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