5 Simple Self Care Tips to a Better You

Today, I will be sharing my FIVE simple self care tips which can be easily implemented! These are just some of the stuff I practised over the past six months that I find really helpful and no rocket science involved. ;) Self care is something that many overlook. More often than not, self care is seen as a luxury, rather than a necessity and priority. The generation these days seem to be busy all the time, by choice. It's almost like busy is the next cool thing. #busylyf

You don't have to be a yogi or lock yourself away in a deserted mountain and meditate for a week in order to practice self care. Yes, contrary to what you believe, it is possible to practice and incorporate self care in your daily life without being a complete zen master.

By no means am I a Master of Meditation of Self Care Guru - I am just your average twenty something. trying to find her way to chase her dreams.

FIVE Simple Self Care Tips


1. Nourish your body

Feed your body with nutritious, wholesome food and make sure you're drinking enough water. Those 2min packet noodles, frozen meals and Chinese takeaway isn't good for you if consumed regularly.

Instead, prepare and cook your meals in bulk and ahead of time so you will always have some healthy food on the go. Or, you can whip up this quick & easy Mexican chicken salad easily! 

I promise you, it isn't too hard to eat healthy and you will feel a whole lot better by just nourishing your body.

2. Move your body and stay active

Exercise is one of the most potent and underutilised anti-depressant. That statement couldn't be any more spot on! Kickboxing, resistance training and circuit session have gotten me through many angry days at work throughout the years. Honestly, if you are feeling stressed, angry or even lethargic - move your body and get active. Get those heart rate up and get sweaty, I promise you - you will feel a whole lot better after a good sweat session!

If you need some guidance on how to stay active, find out what the KEY to exercise regularly is.

3. Identify your non-negotiables and make them your priorities

If you could make your 81083201312 meetings your priorities for the week, why couldn't you make 30 - 45 minutes a day a priority for working out? Your health and wellbeing should always be on top of the priorities list because without health - how are you going to achieve all your goals and other priorities?

Make health as your non negotiable and you will stop cancelling your gym session to fit another meeting or deadline.

These days, I just block out my diary during my training times so no one could schedule in a meeting with me. #priorities #selfcare

4. Make it JOMO instead of FOMO

Just in case these were too abbreviated for you - feel the Joy of Missing Out instead of Fear of Missing Out! Take time out for yourself to relax and rejuvenate, do things that you enjoy and spend time with people that you care about and worth your time. Yes darling, you can be selfish and put yourself first.

I had the biggest FOMO syndrome ever a year or two ago. I used to feel guilty saying "No" to events invites and felt like I have to attend all the coolest events and parties in town. I would make back-to-back plans just to fit everything and not feel exhausted after (my longest streak was 3 weeks!) I could only imagine how high my cortisol level was back in the days. Now, I had to make plans 3-4 weeks in advanced because I am unwilling to compromise my "me time"

5. Recognise how far you have come and treat yourself

Recognise how far you have come and all your little victories along the way. And yes darling, treat yo' self! Go for a stay-cation, plan for a weekend getaway, treat yourself to a full body massage and spa, get that hair blow dry and the nails down... You deserve it!

Start incorporating the simple self care tips above today and I can guarantee you will feel better and happier in no time!

Over to you now - what do you like to do to practise self care? 

Adeline X

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