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Discover How to Create Lasting & Winning HABITS to live an ENJOYABLE & SUSTAINABLE healthy lifestyle... It's a lot easier than you think.....

The KEY to sustainable healthy lifestyle is keeping it SIMPLE and making it ENJOYABLE!

So how do you do it and where do you start? This guide will include ALL the resources and tips as well as checklists with all the simple actions that you can take TODAY to start creating winning and lasting healthy habits to live that healthy life. 




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Inside this FREE, Comprehensive Guide, you'll learn...


The Secret to Create Lasting & Winning Healthy Habits... Discover the 6 main components of making healthy a lifestyle that is actually ENJOYABLE & SUSTAINABLE. 


My Simple Hacks for making healthy living work around your lifestyle Does the idea of healthy living sound like a chore or complicated? Don't worry - I'll share with you a tested and proven personal system and hacks that make healthy living simple, enjoyable & sustainable, along with BONUS worksheets & planners! :) 


How to Boost Your Wellbeing with these new habits & steps? Once you have master the basics and introduced these new healthy habits into your daily routine, how to take it up a notch and boost your wellbeing? Learn my 4-steps wellbeing pillars to live the healthy life forever, feel energised & BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF! 

Who's teaching this stuff? 



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Adeline Er is the creator & founder of Eat This Burn That - the wellbeing hub for hustlers where healthy living made simple! 

She's on a mission to help busy take control of their wellbeing and make it work around their lifestyle! 


- Adeline Er - Qualified Personal Trainer & Wellbeing Coach


Healthy Lifestyle Guide.jpg

The Ultimate Guide to Living The Healthy Life


You're just 60 second away from living that healthy life! Don't wait - click that button and get instant access to the following:  

- A step-by-step blueprint to kickstart that healthy lifestyle and live the healthy life

- Everything you need to know to master your mindset and make healthy living fuss-free & a part of your lifestyle! 

- Checklists & planners