The Wellbeing Hub For Hustlers,
where healthy living made simple and enjoyable.


Eat This Burn That is where TWO BECOMES ONE - healthy living and your lifestyle. 

The ultimate goal and main objective here is for you to:

  • Master all the basic knowledges & #EatThisBurnThat wellbeing pillars around living a healthy life - Mindset, Nutrition, Training/ Active Living, Balanced Lifestyle)
  • Apply everything you learn & practise healthy living whenever & wherever (on a vacation, work travel, college o university or fat loss goal?)
  • Create lasting and sustainable habits that forms part of your daily routine.
  • Adapt to changes whenever required because it is now a PART of you! 

To help busy professionals take control of their wellbeing;
teach & educate them with the basics and systems in order to make healthy living a part of their lifestyle!
To inspire hustlers who want to feel good, energised & ALIVE!

Literally, eat this, then burn that. Life is too short to worry and feel guilty about that chocolate brownie or pizza you just had.

Eat well and nourish your body 70-80% of the times and don't forget to indulge and treat yourself. Move more, stay active and train to be stronger.  Feel energised and amazing every single day! 

If you dive a step deeper into Eat This Burn That, it's a way of life and mindset. Never take things too seriously, be the boss of your life and take charge of it.

Live life the way you design and want it to be. 


Eat This Burn That is here to inspire hustlers who want to feel good, energised and ALIVE via carefully curated content around health, fitness, lifestyle and travel.
Eat This Burn That is a way of life. Make health & fitness work for you and suit your lifestyle.

“Her mission is to help #hustlers (busy people) prioritise and take control of their wellbeing via her signature meal prep and get moving systems. Learn how to create your own personal systems and make healthy & active living FIT your lifestyle.”

We have the hardcore gym goers/ weight-lifters or cross fitters who eat, live, breathe the gym and counting every macros and calories; or the spiritual and zen “wellness warrior” or yogi who is all about inner happiness, green smoothies and meditation.

Eat This Burn That is the in betweener,
for those who simply wants to live a healthy and active life amidst their busy life


We talk about everything and anything - from health & wellness, fitness to travel, lifestyle and beauty. 

With focus on (quick & easy) recipes and lotsa meal prep goodness (our Editor is a self-proclaimed #mealprepninja after all!), there will be tonnes of tips & tricks, life hacks and inspirational content to inspire you to live a happier, healthier and better life.

Just the way you design it. 

One of the first steps of making health & fitness work for you and suit your lifestyle is to create your very own personal systems. 


Systemise meal planning so you only need to prep once, cook once and enjoy healthy & delicious meals all week long. 

This is how meal prepping makes the dream works.

Download a copy of our FREE epic meal prep ninja checklist to get you from zero to ninja in the kitchen!